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Darkflame LEGO® Universe

Often shortend to DLU or just Darkflame, is a server emulator written for LEGO®'s first MMORPG, which shut down on January 30st, 2012.

Our first efforts go back all the way to just four days after the initial closure announcement, on November 8th, 2011.

We are currently still working on this project, and we aim to not only provide a safe place for everyone to play the game again, but to also expand on the original.

For more information, visit the DLU website.


Alltropy is a game written in an updated version of the original Quake™ engine by Id Software.

It was designed to capture the look and feel of the late 90s in every aspect, including the logo you see here.

Although it is currently unreleased, the code for both the game and the engine is public, as per the GPL.

The engine code

The game code

Software Projects


Yeetflix is a fixed-up version of the open-source "Netflix Party" extension, which allows you to watch Netflix in sync with your friends and loved ones.

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